M&M Construction Services

The Village Tavern, Salem MA

Our team at M&M Construction is excited to announce the completion of a beautiful bar area at The Village Tavern in Salem, MA! This incredible bar is the main feature of the Village Tavern. It has a specialized chill rail that creates an aesthetically pleasing and crisp, dry layer of frost on the bar top.

That rail isn't just there for aesthetic purposes, either. It's specially designed to rest beer mugs and cocktail glasses to keep them chilled for maximum enjoyment. You'll never have to worry about drinking warm beer when you take a seat at this bar!

The actual bar top is fitted with dazzling copper to create an inviting tavern atmosphere. It includes a special beer tap system that's complete with 22 separate beers! You'll have plenty of options to choose from, and that's just what's on tap!

Our team is happy to have assisted the Village Taveren with this project. We look forward to many cold drinks and fun times at the new and improved bar!

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