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Midici Neapolitan Pizza

Project: Medici Wood Fired Pizza & Bar
Town: Somerville, MA
Architect: Albert Taus & Associates
Square Footage: 4,314
Open Date: 2017

If you’re looking for fantastic, fire-grilled pizza in a contemporary setting, Medici is here to fulfill your cravings! This project was a joy to work on, and our team was happy to be able to work with the business owners to add a few finishing touches that took the ambiance above & beyond their goals!

While we enjoyed working with Albert Taus and the owners of Medici to create a contemporary eatery, the project still had its challenges. The biggest hurdle to completing this project on time & budget was the fact that the building itself was still being constructed as our team was in the midst of building the restaurant itself. It took careful coordination and excellent communication throughout the team the ensure that everyone was working on the correct portion of the project at the right time, but even with these logistical hurdles, the project was completed without any major hitches!

Our team added a few focal points to the restaurant that truly boosted the space’s ambiance, including the fiberglass heart-shaped bar, a live tree within the dining room, and the two beautiful custom wood-fire pizza ovens.

With a convenient Somerville location, we helped turn Medici is a Boston pizza-lovers dream!

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