M&M Construction Services

Krispy Kreme, Saco ME

Project: Krispy Kreme
Town: Saco, ME
Square Footage: 3,842
Open Date: 2017
Architect: National Restaurant Designers

While some New Englanders may think there’s only room for one doughnut shop in the area, the residents of Saco, ME would have to disagree! Our team recently renovated an old Burger King and turned the space into an amazing Krispy Kreme!

This project was unique because the space was already constructed for commercial food production, but there were changes that needed to be completed to ensure the space was prepared to make donuts instead of flip burgers!

The main request the businessowners had for their project was to make sure that patrons could see the unique manufacturing process. We made sure to add plenty of glass panels to the interior of the space, separating the manufacturing from patrons to keep it clean, but also allowing them to see the delicious donuts being made!

The owners were delighted with the finished product, and excited to put smiles on the many Saco residents who visit the establishment! We’re happy to have been able to assist with this project, and we look forward to building more in the future!

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