M&M Construction Services

Tasty Burger, Boston MA

The M&M Construction Services team recently completed the renovation of Tasty Burger in Boston, MA. The crew really enjoyed working with the Owner/Chef, Dave DuBois as well as Joe DeLuca Architects. It is a pleasure to build these great relationships over the years. The 3,000 square foot open concept space features both booth and bar seating to enjoy your delicious burger.

Founded by a group of chef friends who dreamed of opening a burger joint, Tasty Burger opened its first location behind the historic Fenway Park in Boston, Mass. in 2010. A modern fast food neighborhood burger restaurant, Tasty Burger quickly became known as the city's favorite spot to grab a great-tasting burger. Tasty Burger is "The Original Tasty."

Take a look below to see what Tasty Burger CEO Dave DuBois had to say about working with our company!

"M&M Construction is our builder and has constructed six restaurants for us. They do great work, but as many people who build restaurants know, that is not the singular measure of a good company. I would argue it is not even the most important factor. More meaningful to us is the relationship toward the end of a project and post construction? Are they efficient in completing the final punch-list? Do they change-order you into oblivion or do they come in close to budget and projections? When they do change-order you, are they fair? Do they stand behind their work; own and correct issues in real time? This is where M&M shines. This is what makes them a trusted long term partner." Dave DuBois, CEO Tasty Burger

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