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Is Restaurant Remodeling Worth It?

Finding new ways to increase your restaurant’s revenue is easier said than done. It requires careful planning, forecasting, and extensive industry knowledge! One of the biggest ideas that comes up when answering this question is restaurant remodeling. Remodeling your existing space can be a great way to solve this problem! However, the cost may cause some restaurant owners to dislike the idea. So, is restaurant remodeling really going to be worthwhile for your business? Despite the cost of doing so, the answer to this question is yes - and we’ll explain exactly why below!

It’s Cheaper Than Rebuilding

A counterargument to the idea of restaurant remodeling is this: if I’m going to remodel my space, why wouldn’t I just tear it down and start from scratch? You’d think that this option is the more affordable of the two, but you’d be mistaken! According to a survey conducted by Restaurant Dive in 2018, restaurant remodeling costs were significantly less than constructing a completely new location. The industry average was around $1.3 million to construct and retrofit a space completely. On the other hand, remodeling an existing restaurant costs an average of $275,000 - a cheaper option by over a million dollars!

It Increases The Efficiency Of Your Restaurant

Take a few minutes to outline the existing interior design of your restaurant. What do you notice about it? You may find that there are certain obstacles that get in the way of effective and efficient service. Take this for example: if the only way from your kitchen to the seating area is a narrow hallway, it’s going to create some congestion that will slow down the speed of service. Remodeling your restaurant is a great way to snuff out imperfections like this and increase your restaurant’s efficiency. Faster service means quicker meal times - and more customers in and out of the door!

It Improves Your Restaurant’s Aesthetics

When you were looking over the design of your restaurant’s interior, something ugly may have bubbled to the surface - it’s incredibly dull and boring! You don’t want your restaurant to look like every other diner on the street. You want your appearance to be vibrant, colorful, and inviting in order to ensure that your customers enjoy their experience. The more personality you can add to your interior design, the more likely it is that people will want to visit. Restaurant remodeling is a great way to improve interior aesthetics and get more people seated.

Restaurant Remodeling With M&M Construction Services

You shouldn’t go with just any restaurant remodeling company for their work! The ideal remodeling contractor will have both the proven experience and results to transform your restaurant beyond your expectations. M&M Construction Services accomplishes just that, with several decades of experience impressing restaurant owners with beautiful construction designs! Don’t let your restaurant’s interior design go to waste; contact us today to improve it!

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