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M&M Construction Services

The #1 name in construction across New England and the Mid-Atlantic Region

Why Choose M&M?

For close to four decades, M&M Construction Services has been making waves across the New England and Mid-Atlantic areas with full-service construction expertise. We started M&M to reimagine the construction industry, with a unique approach that puts our clients first.

Our cross-industry experience helps our clients thrive in their respective retail, restaurant, and private commercial environments. From humble tenant fit-ups to major ground-up construction projects, we do it all - exploring every avenue to meet our clients demands and expectations.

When you work with M&M, we’ll take the time to understand your needs, timeline, and budget, delivering solutions that make the most sense for your cents. Contact us for a quote today - no obligations.

Our Teams Latest Featured Project!

Our team is proud to announce the completion of The Juicery in Waltham, MA! Click below to learn more about the project and view the results of our work!

Project: The Juicery
Town: Waltham, MA
Open Date: June 2024
Square Footage: 1,000

Inside The Juicery Waltham MA

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