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What Contractors Wish Architects Knew

When it comes to the architect-contractor relationship, each party brings their own set of skills, knowledge, and experience to the project, which is what makes the partnership so effective, and sometimes complicated. When the two work together on a project, the planning stage is largely completed by the architect, while the contractor is there to carry out the blueprints created by the architect during the construction phase. This means that the two parties often see the construction process a bit differently, and sometimes comprises will need to be reached in order to keep the relationship positive & productive. With that being said, our team has put together a guide with a few things that contractors wish architects knew, in order to help streamline the relationship and keep things operating as smoothly as possible!

Focus on Maintaining A Positive Relationship As we mentioned, sometimes differing opinions can lead to disagreements between the architect & contractor, just like any other professional relationship. However, for the best interest of the project, keeping the relationship positive is the most important key to keeping it productive.

While differences may arise, handling them respectfully & calmly will allow both parties to focus on what they do best; constructing beautiful buildings for their clients!

Don't Be Afraid To Ask For Advice As the main designer on a project, many architects believe that they must handle all aspects of the design process. However, it’s important to remember that if you’re not well-versed in a specific area of the project, you can always enlist the help of a specialist to assist in the design process. Perhaps the client wants some elements of stonework which the architect is not familiar with. In these instances, enlisting the help of a party who knows more about the material in question will ultimately improve the project, and make for a smoother process.

Don't Always Spring For The Newest Materials Another useful piece of advice for both the architect & contractor to keep in mind is that even if there is a fresh material on the market, it doesn’t mean that you should immediately leave behind a material that has worked for decades to hop on the latest trend. Think of all of the materials over the years that seemed like an improvement at the time, like lead paint, or asbestos tiles, and ended up being a health hazard. If you’ve found materials that work over the years, the best thing to do for most projects is to use the materials you rely on and leave the experimenting to someone else. Perhaps you’ll find out down the line that a material is an improvement, but don’t allow your project to become a guinea pig for a material that isn’t proven.

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