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Tips For Designing Your Restaurant's Interior

When it comes to designing a restaurant, there are a variety of factors that need to be taken into account in order to ensure that the finished business has all of the amenities it needs! While making sure your kitchen is well-designed and fully functional is important for the efficiency of your staff, the building's ambiance is essential to the experience of your guests, which makes it important to put together a cohesive plan for the layout of your restaurant’s interior. Our team has put together a few tips to help you design a restaurant that dazzles guests both with it’s food, as well as in it’s design!

Establish A Style

Before the planning process truly begins, you must first establish a style for your restaurant in order to complete the rest of the design process in a productive fashion. Are you aiming to create a homey, rustic atmosphere, or something a bit more contemporary? Are you envisioning a sit-down experience or fast-casual? What style of food will you be serving? While it may seem obvious, answering these questions before you’re deep into the planning stage will make it far easier to create a restaurant that truly fits your goals!

Choosing The Right Decor Once you’ve settled on a style for your restaurant, you can begin choosing the decor to fully realize your vision. For example, if you’ve chosen a family-friendly, homey atmosphere, you might want to collect knick-knacks and wall-hangings that fit your theme. On the other hand, if you’ve chosen a more modern, elegant design, it’s better to grab vintage art & furniture to build the ambiance of the room! Don’t forget that choosing the right color paint can also be important to the design you’re aiming for. Consider pastels for family restaurants, or neutral colors for a more sophisticated feel.

Maximizing Seating Of course, if you intend on having patrons coming to enjoy a sit-down dining experience, you’ll need to consider how best to design your seating! The goal is of course to add as much seating as possible while keeping guests comfortable and making it easy for your wait staff to move around the restaurant without bumping into one another. You’ll also want to consider the kinds of seating you install. For family restaurants, it’s often better to opt for booth seating that can fit a whole family comfortably, whereas a more sophisticated restaurant may choose more tables for two. Ideally, any restaurant will have a combination of both. It’s also a great idea to use more tables & chairs as opposed to booth seating, where possible, because it will allow you to easily adjust to different sized parties! As for the design of the seating itself, consider the overall decor of your restaurant! Serving French-Italian cuisine? Aim for more bistro chairs & smaller tables. Catering more towards families? Then booth seating with plenty of padding for the whole family’s comfort is often a better choice!

Heat & Ventilation While we’ve mostly focused on the physical aspects of your restaurant's interior, don’t forget that proper heat & ventilation are key to the comfort of your establishment! Since your kitchen generates plenty of heat, smoke & smells, it’s important to have a proper ventilation system to keep your guests comfortable! In the same vein, particularly during the summer, you will want to have your dining room air conditioned! If your guests don’t feel comfortable sitting in your restaurant, they won’t come back for a second dining experience, so make sure you take care of the non-visual aspects of your restaurant’s interior as well!

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