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The Best Restaurant Design Trends of 2023

If you were to think about the most important aspect of restaurant construction, what would come to mind? Making sure that your workplace is efficient is arguably the most important, but you won’t get any feet in the door if your restaurant doesn’t look good! Coming up with good restaurant designs is easier said than done, however. Sometimes the best restaurant designs follow along with the best interior design trends of the year! If you’re looking for some good design ideas to implement into your restaurant, we highlight some of the best restaurant design trends of 2023 below!

Outdoor Dining Spaces

Especially during the spring and summer months, outdoor dining has grown increasingly popular! It’s a great way of taking in the scenery and beauty of the great outdoors and combining it with your restaurant dining experience. Not to mention it means that you can seat even more customers than you were able to previously! If you’re in an area with nice scenery around, an outdoor dining space is a great way to improve your restaurant.

Restaurant Shelving

Have you ever run into a situation where your staff was desperate for new storage space? It happens more often than you’d think! Sometimes, you get more inventory than you realize. With growing popularity and expansion comes an increased need for storage, and shelving is a great way to accomplish this without taking up too much space. Shelving is a great way to compartmentalize your storage!


If you aren’t in an area that has nice scenery, you’ll need to get innovative to create the feeling of being in the great outdoors. Design features that incorporate a lot of greenery, such as hanging plants or roses set on tabletops, will help customers feel like they’re spending more time with nature. This is also a great addition all year long! These plants won’t be affected by the chilly winter temperatures outside.

Larger Waiting Areas

Especially if your restaurant is growing quickly in popularity, having a larger waiting area for customers to wait in is paramount! If you have a small space with only a few chairs, most patrons will be forced to either wait outside or in their cars, which can mean the difference between choosing your restaurant and making the decision to go elsewhere. Don’t skimp when it comes to your waiting area layout!

Restaurant Remodeling With M&M Construction Services

Are you looking for new ways to make your restaurant more inviting, efficient, and successful? Restaurant remodeling is a great way to make that happen! M&M Construction Services has spent decades helping restaurant owners achieve designs that exceed their expectations, and we’ll ensure your space has everything it needs to achieve success. If you feel like your restaurant could use a facelift, click here to contact us directly!

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