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Commercial Construction & Restaurant Renovation Services in Saugus, MA

If you’re a business owner who is looking for new construction opportunities, look no further than Saugus, MA! Not only does it boast close proximity to the vast population of Boston, but there are several malls and plazas that can serve as a perfect location for your business’s expansion. Of course, every detail is important if you want to obtain the best results from the area. The way your business is constructed, and its interior design play big roles in attracting your desired audience. In the construction industry, only one contractor excels at making a business or restaurant appear its best: M&M Construction Services! We’ve been in business since 1984, connecting business owners and restaurant owners in Saugus with stunning construction designs that can help your business take the next step. Our team is ready and excited to help your business throughout all phases of the construction process. Keep reading for an in-depth look at how our commercial construction work can help your business thrive!

Pre-Construction Services in Saugus, MA

In order for a construction project to be successful and exceed your expectations, the planning and assembly that takes place beforehand must be thorough and thoughtful. M&M Construction Services is here to give your business the thought and attention it deserves throughout the process! If you’re looking to construct a new location for your business, the site you choose is paramount. There are many forms of documentation to fill out, budgets to be made, and official bid packages to prepare. However, these tasks pale in comparison to one of the trickier aspects of construction: visualizing your ideas! Having a vision of what you want for your business in your head is far different than translating those ideas into blueprints. Our team has spent decades perfecting this craft, and we’ll use our skills to ensure that you’re able to bridge the gap! Check out some of the other services we can offer your business before the official construction starts:
  • Value Engineering Analysis
  • Early Subcontractor Input
  • Site Surveys
  • Formal Bid Package Preparation
  • Conceptual Budgeting
  • & so much more!
Ready to take your business’s goals and infuse them with new life pre-construction? Reach out to the talented team at M&M Construction Services to get your construction project started in Saugus!

Construction and Restaurant Remodeling and Renovation Services in Saugus, MA

Do you already have blueprints for your business’s design and are just looking for a construction team to get your restaurant remodeling or commercial construction project off the ground in Saugus? M&M Construction Services has you covered! Problem-solving is one of the many skills that we’re most proud of, and we’ve spent decades perfecting our craft. We’ll use our elite decision-making skills to squash problems before they ever have a chance to throw your construction project off of schedule! Architects can play a big role in all phases of the construction process, and we’ve worked with many distinguished ones in the past to help bring restaurant designs to life. We’ll be happy to partner with any architect on your new commercial construction project! We’ll also ensure that our rigorous standards of excellence are always upheld; you can expect us to supervise all parts of the site at all times! Here are some of the many tasks we’ll perform to bring your construction project to life in Saugus:
  • Full-Time Site Supervision
  • Subcontractor Documentation
  • Labor Activity Management
  • Site Quality Control
  • Consultant Oversight/Coordination
  • And so much more!
Are you ready to lay the foundation for your restaurant renovation or commercial construction project in Saugus, MA? Simply give us a call to get the ball rolling!

Post-Construction Services in Saugus, MA

A common misconception is that the hard work is completed once the construction project is completed. Have you considered things like building inspections, lien waivers, or special documentation that needs to be filled out beforehand? Don’t worry about a thing; we’ll be able to assist you to a successful reopening of your business after the construction build! Many contractors aren’t confident enough in their work to provide a warranty for their services, but this is where we set ourselves apart: we’re proud to offer a free one-year warranty for all of our construction builds! Visit our website today to learn more about our post-construction work!

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