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Commercial Construction & Restaurant Renovation Services in Salem, NH

For a commercial business, the secret to success isn’t going to revolve around one singular detail. The most successful restaurants and businesses know how to take all of the smaller details and hone in on each one to elevate the way they do business. Expanding your business or remodeling it can bring about incredible rewards in the long term, especially in terms of how efficiently you can run your day-to-day operations. With something as sensitive as construction and remodeling, you shouldn’t expect anything less than the best from the contractors you hire. So, why not go for the most experienced and proven restaurant remodeling professionals in the business? M&M Construction Services has been in the business of redesigning restaurants for the better for over four decades, and we’ll use our experience and dedication to deliver the best possible results for your business in Salem. The potential that Salem brings is exceptional, and we’re here to help you take full advantage of that! Read on to learn about how our construction process can set your business up for short and long-term success!

Pre-Construction Services in Salem, NH

If you go into the construction process without the proper planning, there’s a good chance that your project is going to derail quickly! Anyone who has been in the construction industry for a while will know this well, which is why M&M Construction Services places so much emphasis on this phase. Visualizing your ideas, choosing the ideal construction site, and getting your bid package approved are all tasks that are easier said than done - and all things that we can provide our expert guidance on! Bringing in an architect for this phase of your construction project is crucial as well, as they can seamlessly blend beautiful design elements with proper functionality to deliver blueprints that exceed your expectations. We’re proud to work with any architect that your business can provide! By the time we’re done with this phase of construction, we’ll be ready to hit the ground running on constructing your business to ensure that we stay on schedule - and within your business’s budget! Check out some of the other services we can provide to get your restaurant or commercial business ready for the build phase:
  • Value Engineering Analysis
  • Conceptual Budgeting
  • Cost Estimation
  • Site Surveys
  • Formal Bid Package Preparation
  • And So Much More!
Do you have an idea for redesigning your business and need guidance to get it to the construction phase? Reach out to our team today to make it a reality!

Construction & Restaurant Renovation and Remodeling Services in Salem, NH

Once we’ve helped your business achieve the optimal plans for building out your site, the real tough work can begin! Our team will always be present on-site to ensure that everything runs accordingly and everyone fully understands their roles in getting the job done. However, even the best-made plans can go astray, and we’ll be here to ensure that any problem doesn’t have a lasting impact! Part of what’s kept us in business for the last four decades is an unrivaled ability to problem-solve. We know how to stop even the largest of issues from causing serious havoc on your construction site, and we’ll ensure that by the time we’re done, you’ll have a final product that you can be proud of! Did you do the planning process on your own time and just need a reliable construction team to take care of the build? M&M Construction Services can build your Salem business to the best of your expectations! Check out some of the processes we can perform to ensure a smooth and efficient construction project!
  • Detailed Scopes of Work
  • Weekly Project Meetings
  • Subcontractor Documentation
  • Site Quality Control
  • Project Management Schedules
  • And much more!
Are you ready to transform your commercial business or restaurant in Salem beyond your expectations? Reach out to our talented team today to get started!

Post-Construction Services in Salem, NH

Building inspections, social media outreach, and many other complications can stand in the way of your business’s successful reopening. At M&M Construction Services, our dedication to your success doesn’t stop after the build does! We’ll ensure that you have everything you need to guide your business to a successful reopening in Salem. This includes having peace of mind about our designs; our team is proud to provide a free one-year warranty on all of our construction projects to instill confidence! Visit our website today to learn more about how our post-construction work can help your business succeed!

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Having the right design for your business can make a world of difference in your ability to succeed. Let M&M Construction Services put you on the right path! To improve your business’s design and generate more traffic, click here to contact us directly!
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