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Commercial Construction & Restaurant Renovation Services in Amherst, MA

As a business or a restaurant owner, you should always be looking for new opportunities to expand your franchise. Perhaps you’ve considered remodeling your existing space to make it more efficient, attractive, and inviting. Or, maybe you’re looking to take advantage of Amherst's bustling business opportunities by making a new location. When you take on projects of this magnitude, you shouldn’t skimp on the contractors you hire. You deserve a contractor that will leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of fantastic building designs that withstand the test of time. M&M Construction Services can do just that! We’ve spent decades helping business owners and restaurant owners alike in Amherst with their commercial construction projects. There’s a reason why we’ve been in the business for so long: we’ve continuously delivered results that have exceeded our clients’ expectations! Read on to learn more about what we can do for your Amherst business!

Pre-Construction Services in Amherst, MA

Perhaps the most important part of the construction process takes place long before the foundations are put in place: planning! The best construction projects give thorough attention and consideration to this part of the process. There’s plenty of paperwork to fill out, construction sites to browse, and environmental factors to consider before you can ever start building. M&M Construction Services knows this well, and we’ll be able to help your business throughout all phases of this process! This includes drawing the final blueprints for your project. Having a vision of what you want to accomplish with your build and translating those thoughts into written plans are two completely different things. We’ll be able to help you bridge the gap and ensure that your business has everything it needs to get your commercial construction project off the ground! Check out some of the services we offer to help you get there:
  • Formal Bid Package Preparation
  • Early Subcontractor Input
  • Value Engineering Analysis
  • Cost Estimation
  • Site Surveys
  • And So Much More!
Are you ready to get your restaurant remodeling or commercial construction project started in Amherst, MA? Contact us today to get started on the planning process!

Construction & Restaurant Renovation and Remodeling Services in Amherst, MA

Once you’ve given the pre-construction process the careful thought and planning that it deserves, it's time to start the build! An architect can contribute massively to a project like this, taking building designs that are structurally sound and infusing them with artistic, dazzling features that take your building’s design to new heights. We’re proud to work with any architect on your next construction project! We’ll also be on-site for the entire duration of your construction project to ensure that everything goes according to plan. Problem-solving is one of the most essential pieces to construction building. Without it, issues that arise during the build can be costly, setting your business back weeks and overblowing your budget. M&M Construction Services excels in this matter! We have decades of experience squashing problems before they can balloon into serious ones, so you can rest assured that your schedule and budget will never be affected. Some of the other things that we can do to help your commercial construction project come to life include:
  • Weekly Project Meetings
  • Full-Time Site Supervision
  • Subcontractor Documentation
  • Detailed Scopes of Work
  • Site Quality Control
  • And much more!
Do you have your blueprints laid out and just need a construction team to get your build rolling in Amherst, MA? Reach out to us today to get started!

Post-Construction Services in Amherst, MA

A common misconception about the commercial construction process is that you can relax after the build is done. However, this isn’t always the case! Plenty of issues can arise between now and when your restaurant officially reopens - not to mention the building inspections and other paperwork that need to be completed! M&M Construction Services can steer your business on the path to a successful reopening day. We’ll even offer a FREE one-year warranty with all of our builds! You can share the same confidence we have in all our projects. Visit our website today to get more information about our post-construction work!

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