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What Regulatory Issues Can Architects Handle?

Having an architect on your construction team means that you have a beneficial asset that can revolutionize your project. They can turn uninspired designs into a work of architectural art and bring them to greater life! However, architects can handle a lot more than just project design. There are a lot of regulatory processes that an architect can provide valuable guidance to your team in. If you’re curious as to what regulatory issues an architect can handle on a construction project, we highlight the most noteworthy ones below!

Cost Estimation

When an architect puts their input into a building’s design, their artistic vision isn’t the only aspect that they take into consideration. Much of what goes into building design has a lot to do with cost estimation. During the design process, the architect carefully considers important parts of the cost estimation process, including the cost of building materials, how long a team will need to complete the project (which plays a HUGE role in the final price), and the total surface area of the building. All of these factors are key in determining the final price of the build, and an architect can help you get a gauge for it before the numbers roll out.

Codes and Regulations

Cost estimation isn’t the only factor an architect must consider when visualizing a building idea. Many architects work state to state and town to town, and with these new areas of work come new building codes and new safety regulations that need to be adhered to. Every city and town won’t have the same ones, so an architect will need to be well versed in these codes and regulations before any construction design can be submitted. Knowing these codes ahead of time can play a big role in preventing future problems during the build, too!

Subcontractor Documentation

As you’ve probably guessed by now, there is a good amount of paperwork that goes into the architect’s line of work. One such bit of paperwork is the different contracts handed out to contractors at the start of the job. Architects can offer sound recommendations and advice based on past experiences, leading your business to choose the best contractors for the job. They are responsible for making sure that these contracts comply with all budget regulations and building rules for the area. Once the contracts are handed out, the work can begin!

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