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Key Items To Keep In Mind When Obtaining A Building Permit

Anyone familiar with the construction process knows that there is a ton of work to be done before the first brick is placed. There is plenty of paperwork to fill out, contractors to hire, plans to be made, and permits to be acquired. Before you can even think about how you construct your building, you need to get a building permit! This process is easier said than done, however. There are a few key things that you’ll need to keep in mind throughout the process, which we’ve highlighted for you below!

Be Ready For The Inspections

If you thought that you could obtain a building permit without the city going to take a look at the site for themselves, think again! Before you can obtain a building permit, they will usually do an inspection of the area - sometimes more than once - to determine if the project should continue. What your business should be ready for is the line of questioning they’ll have each time. Inspectors will tend to ask about aspects of the project such as building materials being used, whether or not the plans match the permit, and methods being used. It will be up to you to schedule these inspections, but they need to be done!

Permit Fees

Building permits aren’t exactly free! There will likely be a fee that you’ll have to pay on top of securing the permit. It isn’t a flat fee, either; the price you’ll pay on top of it will depend on what you hope to accomplish with your build. If it’s a full-blown construction project of a new building, you’ll likely have to fork over a large sum. Other projects, such as building renovations, won’t come with as steep of a price tag. As long as you have the funds prepared to pay before you get to the office, you should be all set.

Beware of Easements

If you don’t know what an easement refers to, you should; it can make or break your project! An easement is a commonly used service that passes through the permitted property. Think of things like sewer lines, powerlines, or sidewalks. The later items on the list can be identified easily, but you’ll need to be mindful of sewer lines. If you find one before you get to the permit office, it may affect your ability to work in that location.

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