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How To Keep Your Construction Project On Track

Construction projects are both exciting and overwhelming. Keeping them on track adds another element to the entire process. As a supervisor or project manager, you must have ways to keep your construction project moving forward no matter what comes against it. You’re not only dealing with people who are performing the jobs, but you must also balance weather problems, lack of resources when you need them, and even reworking areas that have been previously completed. Keeping your construction project on target and moving in the right direction may be easier than you think. Check out these ideas to help you move forward and avoid costly downtime.

Collaboration And Communication Are A Must

When you’re supervising a project, you’re going to deal with a multitude of sub-contractors, on-site foreman’s, and suppliers. It is vital that you always keep the lines of communication open. That means you need to establish ways to communicate, update you on progress, and collaborate with everyone involved. You want your on-site contractors to let you know about delays in plenty of time to avoid downtime. You need to have time to make plans and adjust. By building relationships and setting communication expectations down upfront, this will help you continually move forward to completion.

Keep Up With Progress

Do not just assume everything is moving according to plan if you haven’t received confirmation. Just because you do not hear from the site, doesn’t mean it’s going well. Make sure you are consistently monitoring the progress of the project and documenting where it is at all times. By working with daily reports from the site, you can see where things are slipping or where you may need to adjust schedules to complete it on time.

Develop A Master Schedule For All Involved

Create a master schedule of the project so everyone knows the timeline. Consider breaking different aspects of the job into different deadlines. This helps everyone on the site know what is expected when. It also allows you to notice hang-ups before they become costly errors.

Make A Backup Plan

There is always something that can get in the way. Perhaps the season you’re headed into offers a lot of rain or adverse weather. In that case, you need a backup plan to avoid these costly hold-ups. Overtime for your construction site may need to be utilized if you know the weather is coming in. You may need to schedule backup suppliers in case the ones you typically use cannot deliver. Having a contingency plan in place is critical to help your entire project move forward.

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