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When it comes to the relationship between contractors & architects, it’s important to remember that each party brings their own set of knowledge & experience to the table, which is what makes the relationship so beneficial for the project & client. However, these differing skill sets sometimes mean that each party approaches the design build process differently. These differences in opinion mean that proper communication is essential to a collaborative relationship, and ensures that both parties understand the vision and goals of one another. In the interest of improving that relationship, here are a few tips that contractors wish architects knew!

Work With A Specialist When Needed

While architects are highly adept when it comes to design, it's difficult to be an expert on every element of a project, particularly when the client has an out-of-the-box vision for their remodel. For example, consider a client who is interested in installing an elaborate array of foliage for their outdoor patio, or a green roof on their building. In certain instances, it is best for everyone involved to enlist the help of a specialist who can consult all parties on how best to design certain aspects of the project, rather than trying to solve problems on your own! Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Maintain A Positive Relationship

Having an open line of communication & cooperative mindset can go a long way in keeping a project on track and on budget. By putting an emphasis on the contractor-architect relationship, architects can help streamline the build process, and make contractors feel confident that their input is valued and appreciated. Keeping a synergistic relationship is best for everyone involved!

Stick To The Classics

While architects sometimes want to push the limits of design, experimenting with new ideas or products, contractors want them to remember that sometimes, the classics are classics for a reason. Consider all of the emerging products that ended up being a mistake, like lead paint, or asbestos tiles. While it can be tempting for architects to seek out new materials to help take the remodel above & beyond client expectations, remember that it’s best to add those unique touches with out-of-the-box designs, but using tried-and-true materials. The last thing you want to do is use a niche material just to find out ten years down the line that it’s hazardous and will need to be replaced.

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