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Do’s and Don’ts of Restaurant Interior Design

When designing the interior of your restaurant, the ultimate goal is to make it look as attractive to potential customers as possible. There are a variety of different ways to accomplish this, but there’s a big difference between being innovative and making poor design decisions. In order to make the best-looking restaurant interior possible, you’ll need to know what practices to avoid - and those that are encouraged! We’ve assembled the biggest do’s and don’ts of restaurant interior design below.

Do: Use An Appropriate Mix of Colors

The colors of your restaurant’s interior play an integral role in shaping the ambiance of your establishment. They can help set the mood the moment potential customers walk through your doors! It’s important to make your color palette match the vibe you want your restaurant to give off! For example, you could use bright colors to bring about a cheery atmosphere. In addition to ambiance, colors can also make a room look bigger or smaller depending on what you use. Keep this in mind when picking your colors; you don’t want the room to feel claustrophobic!

Don’t: Expose Your Workstation

The last thing you want your customers to see when they’re in your restaurant’s interior is dirty dishes or raw food! You should always close off your workstations from the rest of your restaurant when designing its interior. These things can distract from the atmosphere and potentially even cause people to lose their appetite. Closing them off will ensure that the positive environment you’re trying to convey stays intact.

Do: Put Emphasis on Lighting

Nothing ruins the vibe of a restaurant’s interior quicker than poor lighting. You always want to make sure that your restaurant’s interior is well lit. You may want to consider investing in systems that allow you to dim or brighten the lights at will. Decorative lighting can also add a unique flair to your restaurant’s atmosphere! Of course, you don’t want to overdo the lighting, but finding a good balance will do wonders for your restaurant’s interior.

Don’t: Neglect Handicap Accessibility

You’ll always want to make sure that everyone can have an equally fun dining experience at your restaurant. If you don’t make areas of your restaurant wheelchair accessible, it won’t be as enjoyable for those that need it! If you have stairways leading to different areas of your interior, make sure that those using wheelchairs can successfully navigate them. It may help to put a ramp next to the stairs, for example.

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