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The reason that contractors & architects collaborate so effectively is that they often bring entirely different perspectives to the design-build process. While contractors are often focused on functionality above all else, a great architect will look for ways to push the boundaries of design and create a building that is truly breathtaking. However, while it can be tempting to try to take a project above & beyond, it’s also important to keep the limitations of the project in mind. That’s why our team has a few tips from contractors to help architects design with construction in mind!

An Architect’s Vision

When an architect takes on a project, they are brought onboard to transform a design from something strictly functional, to a building that offers as much ambiance as it does practicality. They want to push boundaries and create a building that is both a place of business, and a piece of art. However, what can happen when an architect creates an expensive and ambitious plan is that once the design is handed over to the contractor, they find that their vision is unachievable, either due to budget or time constraints, or building codes. This is one of the main reasons it is so important for contractors & architects to communicate every step of the way through the design & build process! If a design isn’t realistic for one reason or another, it is far less difficult to redesign the plans before construction has started, rather than finding out there is an issue while you’re in the middle of the build process and forcing you to readjust on the fly!

Managing Your Time

One scenario that can arise on site is that the architect's plans can theoretically be completed, but they would be far too time-consuming to construct and stick to the project schedule, driving up the cost of the entire project. This means that design compromises will need to be made to keep everything moving forward. However, these issues can be addressed before construction begins with a thorough design stage in which all parties understand the vision of the architect and properly construct a budget to address the lofty design goals.

Proper Resource Management

Lastly, when architects are designing a building, it is also important for them to consider the sourcing of the materials that they’re looking to implement on the project. While sourcing often falls on the contractor to carry out, when architects have an unorthodox vision and material choices, being able to assist the contractor with sourcing and resource management can go a long way towards making the construction process smooth and efficient. Rather than designing with unusual materials and hoping the contractor has a connection with the right manufacturer to procure them, be sure to consider where the materials will come from and whether or not it is a feasible option for the build. Addressing these questions before construction begins will make the process far easier in the end.

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