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Designing An Energy-Efficient Restaurant

When it comes time to begin your restaurant remodel or new construction, one of the primary concerns that many business owners face is how to make the space more energy efficient. Using too much energy is both costly & bad for the environment, and for green-minded business owners, limiting energy consumption is a top priority. With this in mind, our team has put together a guide for architects & contractors to help them design a more sustainable restaurant for their clients. Check out our tips & tricks below!

Choosing The Right Appliances

Of course, in nearly any restaurant, the most energy consuming aspect of the business is your kitchen, which means that choosing the right appliances is essential for the efficiency of your restaurant. With everything from ovens, to fryers, to fridges, griddles, and ice machines, there are so many different appliances that need to be considered. If you’re building your kitchen from scratch, you can take advantage of the opportunity to choose EnergyStar certified options for the entire kitchen. If you’re remodeling an existing space, you can replace existing appliances where it makes sense, but bear in mind that long-term, having more efficient appliances will pay dividends, regardless of the upfront cost.

Use The Right Lighting From your front entrance, to your dining area, to the kitchen, to your storage & back-of-house, your restaurant will need to be well lit, which means choosing the right kinds of lighting will not only create the right ambiance & make your restaurant safer, but it will also help improve the energy efficiency of your business. Opt for T8 fluorescent & LED bulbs wherever possible to help reduce energy consumption!

Focus On Your Fridge Since your refrigeration system comprises such a large portion of your restaurant's energy consumption, doing everything you can to reduce energy loss will make your kitchen far more efficient. Two easy additions you can make to improve your walk-ins efficiency are installing an automatic door closer, as well as adding strip curtains to reduce air infiltration. These two additions can reduce energy loss significantly, keeping your food safer & reducing your energy use.

Green Roofing Is Key Lastly, when it comes to improving energy efficiency, most architects & contractors first think about how to improve the building internally. However, it’s often better to start with how to improve the building’s exterior. One of the best ways to improve your building's energy efficiency is to build a green roof. Installing a green roof offers a tremendous amount of benefits for your restaurant, including reducing solar heat gain & lowering utility bills, improving your roof’s lifespan by reducing UV damage & limiting wear & tear, and finally improving your businesses public image. Having a green roof shows consumers that you’re environmentally-conscious which can help draw positive publicity, and is an added benefit beyond improving your business’s energy efficiency.

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