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Things to Consider Before Your Restaurant Renovation

The early bird catches the worm - before it causes any damage. Many of our clients bring our contractors on board early to access key project insights, make more informed decisions, and fill room for error. We’ll take the time to understand your needs, challenges, and future goals, using our decades of experience to construct a solution 100% unique to your building and business.

A restaurant needs to constantly change in order to keep up with the trends of the industry. Any owner is going to be continually looking for new ways to increase business. Of course deals and special dishes can draw in new and returning customers. That being said, sometimes it’s time to freshen up the space to create a new aesthetic. A restaurant sometimes just needs to be cleaned and renewed to breathe new life into your business. In those cases, consider these three things before you plan a restaurant renovation.

Find the Right Contractor Any successful project starts with a great contractor. It helps to read online reviews and check references. There are a large number of contractors for business owners to choose from, but it’s best to look for reviews that talk about communication and honest quotes to ensure that you find someone trustworthy. Once you find the right fit and are ready to set up a meeting, it helps to have your wants and needs written down for the meeting.

Keep Track of Your Budget Money is a consideration for any restaurant renovation. It is best to approach the meeting with a budget in mind, but remember there are plenty of things that might change as the project moves forward. For example, during the renovation process, there may be some things that might not have been updated in your restaurant and need to be brought up to code, so you may need to factor in additional unforeseen projects. It is not the end of the world, just realize how much you can comfortably spend and plan your budget to address any issues that may arise. Be sure to talk to your contractor and tap into their experience.

Stay on Top of Things Don’t check out while the contractors are working on your project. Make sure you know what is getting done each day so you can stay on top of the project’s progression. It helps to always keep continuous communication between the project manager and yourself and also be sure to get to know the people doing the job.

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