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Building A Strong Contractor-Architect Relationship

For contractors & architects who are looking to form a strong working relationship, our team at M&M has put together a few tips from the contractor’s perspective to help both parties ensure that the client's goals are met! Check out our tips below!

1. Communicate Openly: When it comes to keeping the project on track and dealing with issues promptly, it is important to ensure that both the contractor & architect are articulating problems as soon as they appear. If one party knows about the issue, but the other doesn’t, it can end up causing larger difficulties further down the line.

2. Teamwork: At every opportunity, contractors & architects should strive to include the other in their process. For example, when a client enlists the assistance of an architect, they may think that it’s best to leave the design up to the architect alone. However, contractors bring their own areas of expertise to the table, which makes using both of their knowledge imperative to creating a more complete plan. By having both parties involved in the design process at an early stage, you can avoid logistical issues down the road, and create an even more spectacular outcome, and one that is well within the realm of possibility.

3. Professionalism: When working on any project, it is inevitable that disagreements and issues will arise. The key to working through these is to listen to the other party, and respectfully communicate your own concerns. By keeping things cordial and constructive, you can quickly find solutions to issues that would impact the design & build process, rather than allowing discussions to devolve into an argument over easily addressed issues.

While maintaining a strong contractor-architect relationship isn’t always easy, a bit of effort from both parties, by working collaboratively and communicating clearly, will make the entire process much easier for everyone involved!

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