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Advice to Architects, From Contractors

When it comes to the architect & contractor relationship, each brings their own set of skills & expertise to the table. While the architect is capable of envisioning a beautiful space complete with all of the bells & whistles that make it unique, a contractor is someone who is there to carry out a plan, and ensure that a project stays on time & budget, regardless of the flair that’s added. These two skillsets make them a perfect complement to one another, but each of them has their strengths, as well as areas to improve. On that note, let’s discuss a few of the things that contractors want architects to know about working on a project!

Don't Overlook The Small Details

The first thing we should mention is that precision to detail is essential for contractors to carry out the job! Architects meticulously craft their blueprints, measuring & remeasuring, checking angles, and clearing any hurdles that surface along the way. The contractor is there to follow the direction that the architect has laid out, which means it’s important to ensure that the plan is diligently constructed, allowing the contractor to carry out the task without any bumps in the road!

You Don’t Always Need The Latest & Greatest Another thing that contractors wish architects knew is that newer isn’t always better. In the construction industry, new products are always popping up, as companies create composites & other variations of classic products to maximize profits. Sometimes, the advancement is warranted and necessary, but other times, it is better to stick with a proven material, rather than trying to push the envelope with an unproven material that could prematurely fail.

Form Lasting Relationships Finally, if you form a relationship with a contractor, it is often far more beneficial for both parties to continue the working relationship, rather than hunting around for a contractor that is slightly cheaper or within closer proximity. Nurturing a relationship with a quality contracting company is always the better option, as a building is a major investment. Think about the long-term goals of your projects. You want to work with a company that is capable of fulfilling your vision, not the company whose goal is to get in & out in the shortest amount of time.

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